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Geospatial Solutions for the Energy Industry

Our Core Services

What we do best.

GIS Services

Full Stack GIS Services from map creation to ArcGIS Server Administration

FME Workflows

FME desktop workflows and FME Server Managment


ETL data translations

Ready-To-Go Energy Solutions

Spatial Solutions read to be deployed


Lines of Code


Number of Maps Created


Years of Experience


FME Workflows Created

Energy Products

Ready-To-Go solutions for the energy industry

FME Energy Toolkit

Pre-built FME Workflows for Energy Industry GIS and IT Departments.

Energy Aggregator

3rd Party data loading tools from leading Energy industry data products and software applications. Aggregate data into industry ready database solutions.

Energy Webmap

Out of the box mapping solutions using ArcGIS Online or Latitude Geographics Geocortex web mapping systems.

Spatial Notification Services

Event driven notification services based upon spatial data and events. Contacting users has never been easier and more straightforward.


What is GeoTrail?

If you have stumbled upon this page, Geotrail is simply in the process of creating a website for future consulting work.

Geotrail consultants have extensive experience in the energy industry and we welcome any questions or comments.   Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss and spatial or data projects.


Latest News From Geotrail

Latest projects and general comments from the Geotrail Team.

Oklahoma Energy GIS Consultant

Contact Geotrail for any GIS needs. Safe Software FME Esri ArcGIS Online Database development Esri ArcGIS Desktop Python Development Latitude Geographics Geocortex ArcGIS Portal ArcGIS Server We […]

What does Geotrail mean

GEO – Geospatial, Geographic, Geologic, all things that our consultants deal with on a daily basis. Trail – A path, journey, direction, solution to geospatial and data […]


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